Levels Of Languages

Levels Of Programming Languages

Lower Level Languages

These who deal with hardware we can call them machine-oriented programming  languages . Machine code is a language which uses binary coding in its source codes. What do you understand by 0001001011 010101 1001110? It’s machine code – the only language which is understandable by the CPU.or assembly languages. For example machine code is the only languages which CPU can understand. Lower doesn’t means that they are inferior one them higher language. Assembly Languages sometimes use as source code written in Pascal. Lower languages are not user friendly they make hard to understand.

Higher Level Languages

Higher languages are these who are problem –oriented programming. Pascal, C/C++, BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, etc. Are examples of high-level programming languages  High-level languages represent their source code in such a way that it is more understandable to the programmer. Every high-level language has its own source which needs to be translated into the CPU’s language – machine code. These translators are referred to as interpreters and compilers. A high-level language package contains either an interpreter, or a compiler, with which a high-level language uses to translate the source code into object code.


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